Our Statement of Faith, Our Mission, Our Vision, Our 2021 Confession of Faith


This Is The Year Of Winning And Victory,

The Year  Of The Wealth Transfer,

A New Era Has Begun,

And More And More Signs And Wonders Will Be Seen 2021.

We’ll See The Fruit Of Our Faithfulness Come Bursting Forth And We’ll Prosper And Flourish Like Never Before.

This Is My Year Of Abundant Overflow. Abundant Overflow Is The Order Of  The Day, So Rest Assure, It’s On Its Way.

This Is My Year Of The Glory Of The Lord And The Knowledge Of It.

The Book Of Acts Will Come Alive In Our Everyday Lives! The supernatural In Manifestation!

This Is The Year Of The Local Church.  The Most Powerful Move Of God Will Take Place In The Local Church

2021 Will Be A Year Of:

Divine Healing – Divine Health – Divine Prosperity – And Divine Recovery

Jesus We Hear You Say Recovery! Recovery Recovery. Restore, Restore, Restore.

So We Say Restore We Say Restore All!

We Say Recover,

We Say Recover All!

This Is My Year!

Jesus You Got Your Church Back!

Show Us Your Glory !

Show Us Your Manifested Power!