Our Statement of Faith, Our Mission, Our Vision, Our 2022 Confession of Faith


Lord, you said, a change is coming if we recognize the reason for judgement.

Your hand is turning up and you said, you will restore. 

You’re moving your hand away from negative judgement and you will melt away our garbage and make us pure again.

Righteousness shall prevail again and just like before these problems and judgements came, you’ll make it like it never happened.

You are going to make things normal again.

2022 is the Year of the Return for those believers of our authority. Authority is beginning to be restored for the obedient people of God.

The pandemic will end. it is in our hands as to how soon it will happen.

God’s people will be on top,

God’s people being the ones to win,

God’s people will be restored again.

God’s people will be respected again.


2022 restoration is available for our bodies,

Restoration is available for our money,

Restoration is available for our jobs or businesses,

Restoration is available for our minds,

Because we have authority.  There is a rising of the Army of God,

2022 is the year of Correction, Direction, Protection and Perfection.

Correction and Direction will bring us to a place of Protection and Perfection. A place of realized dreams and goals and fulfilled purpose in our life – Spirit, Soul and Body in our finances and in our Churches and in our Government.

 This is the Year of Supernatural Acceleration and the Wisdom of God and this is the Year of the Open Hand of God.

 Say this is my year:

Say Jesus you got your church back

Show us your glory,

Show us your manifested power.